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Knowledge is diversity

18 november 2019

Knowledge is diversity
of accumulated experience
brought together. 

It’s stupid to realize that we look at the experience of an agency as a company, while the experience of the agency actually is way more than what can be seen at first glance. Let’s face it: It’s the accumulated individual experiences that is way more interesting.

It’s what recruiters are looking for in people (experience, skills, personality, cultural fit, synergy), but when they’re hired we forget about the reasons we hired them and fit them into a custom made squeeze box, we call the agency.

Thinking the other way around is way more interesting. The challenge then becomes how to create synergy between the individual experiences and skill sets and create the best possible solution out of that. It’s like having the perfect gene pool and a guarantee to create the best possible offspring.

At SOUND BOARD we did some sound thinking before we started. We explicitly and deliberately brought together a group of experienced, likeminded people, with the objective to have a diversity in backgrounds, personalities and experiences and with that common drive to work together and get things done, amplifying business.
Knowledge is Diversity And It works. Hell yeah!