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About us

We’re a collective and did a lot of growth for big companies throughout the years and now we want to use that knowledge, experience and insights to boost the growth of non-corporates. The collective makes us lean and flexible, using the best people for the job.

And we’re not alone.

We’re getting more and more Soundboard Members and Advisors that think like us, work like us
and help to sharpen ideas and develop growth strategies.

With Sound Squad and Agency Friends we can
execute what’s needed, when it’s needed.

What’s going on

We see businesses struggle to meet targets, to keep brands sharply positioned, find
answers for the more critical and knowledgeable consumers, who are looking for ‘purpose’,
transparency, honesty and brands with a story.

90% of start-ups fail (marketing proposition)
70% of innovations fail (limited marketing insights, and concept development capabilities)

That’s a lot to manage and sometimes it needs a helping hand.
Together we believe in tuning brands and people to boost business.

What do we do

We create and implement Growth Strategies.

Why do we do it

We believe the world needs successful, growing Enterprises and Start-ups, creating a
change and making all people involved happy.


How do we do it

By tuning brands and people we grow business

We see brands as the company’s most valuable asset. When tuned to perfection
the brand serves as the Pole star, guiding all decisions across departments in a consistent way.

To get there, we unlock the insights that matter by looking at customers, the category and touch
points, that make a meaningful difference and determine the sharpened,
purposeful brand proposition.

Based on that we determine the necessary shifts for growth to get there to build and execute the
growth strategy to fill the pipeline (long term brand building, short term sales).

We start from the inside out. Getting people on board of the new proposition, creating fans
that energizes the brand, using it to make difference, satisfy existing clients and inspire new ones.

Who we are

We’re a collective of people, looking for synergy to increase insights and strategy, execute and grow business.

Gerard Hoff

Chief Brand Strategy & Lyrics

Hans Rietveld

Chief Brand Design

Tjimka Bakker

Chief Digital

Elmke Hendrix

Chief Content & Copy

Jan-Bas Reijners

Chief Business Development


Geert Stroucken

Chief Sustainability & Innovation

Nishith Srivastava

Advisor Digital Transformation & Growth Hacking

Jeroen de Kruijf

Chief Route to market

Rob Severein

Chief Creativity & Inspiration

Boye Hartman

Advisor Start-ups & Business Strategy
Soundboard China Brigade

Ingrid Lammens

Advisor Marketing & Sales Belgium

Said Schneider

Advisor Strategy Germany

Mike Forster

Advisor Business Strategy

Rutger Van De Pol

Advisor Strategy & Creativity

Dhruba Mukherjee

Chief Websites & E-Commerce

Brands we worked for

This is a selection of brands that offered us the opportunity to gain experience and helped us shape our vision of growth and how to execute it.