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“When times are a changing, there’s no time to stand still.”
-Bob Dylan

The Secret Insight
For Growth

You cant’t solve a problem
with the same mindset that created it.

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The secret is to learn to think anew.
Einstein already said it.

It starts with a positive definition of the problem
and look at it with a fresh pair of eyes.

It creates a new perspective,
it’s the beginning of a great solution for growth
and a boost of business.

We create and implement growth strategies for non-corporates.




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To do so we have a number of sophisticated instruments, ranging from Soundboarding to an extensive Brand Booster, including the Driving Idea.

Check them out:

Sound Boarding

Jam Session


Brand Booster


About Us


“Be-Bop-A-Lula, I don’t mean maybe”
-Gene Vincent


Sometimes it just feels good to soundboard.

A listening ear away from the routine, having a liberating conversation with
people that care about you. Getting a new perspective.

That is Soundboarding.

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”Today is gonna be the day that they gonna throw it
back to you” – Noel Gallagher

Jam Session

Jam Sessions are  liberating, hands-on, about exchanging ideas, playing together, creating, exploiting something new and making the most of growth opportunities.

Being busy, deadlines, challenges and circumstances, makes ideas stay undiscovered. Ideas are there but just beneath the surface. We believe to  make new tunes and lyrics, it’s best to get the musicians in and jam.

Why waste time when you can start something new?
Book one, it is inspiring and fun.

I like a Jam Session

“Lift up the receiver, I make you a believer”
-Depeche Mode


To maximize the result and to minimize the ego, we have turned the brainstorm upside down. The Gainstorm is based on results and realization to stimulate the business.

It is a two-stage rocket with a week of preparation (we send the Moleskin)
and a day of gain.

First stage
Focus – Clear problem definition
Prepping – Record all ideas in your Moleskin

Second stage
The Exchange – Standing on shoulders of giants
The Hits – Only the best survive
The plan – Implementation in the short and long term

I like to Gainstorm

“Lift up the receiver, I make you a believer”
-Depeche Mode

Brand Booster

Keeping up with changing consumers, media channels and increased competition is tough.
Sometimes brands get out of sync or trapped in dissonance.

The most important role of the Brand Booster is to
put a brand back on a dynamic growth trajectory.

A solid 4-step process starting with an extensive market research,
resulting in an opportunity analysis to determine
Current Brand Space and the Growth Activation Space.

It contains the shifts for growth needed to get there
The idea to stimulate growth and the
Brand Strategy Canvas to stay on track.

I like a Brand Booster